What is Dolphin POD™?

Dolphin POD™ is a World-Class achievement centre that provides a fun, interactive, and inspiring educational environment unlike anything children receive anywhere else. We are Asia’s first 21st century achievement centre for kids and parents, catering to both local and expat families.

By utilizing the latest neuro-scientific methods led by a team of child development and education experts, Dolphin POD™ teaches kids the tools for lifelong achievement, well-being, and success, with a focus on Innovation, Leadership and Wellness.

Dolphin POD: A Gym for the Mind

Here at Dolphin POD, we are fully equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and a group of excellent coaches to help train the mind of your youngsters! With a vast variety of games, activities and meaningful relaxation time your little Dolphin is on their way to becoming future-fit!

Being Future-Fit means that your child is engaged creatively, displaying critical thinking, able to effectively communicate, is collaborating with others and contributing their own ideas and thoughts towards any given task.

How Dolphin POD™ Programs Help Your Child Academically

A balanced mind is a great start to your child’s academic future and that is what we aim for here. Through Play, Other and Downtime, children are provided with the apt space to explore, innovate, exercise (mind, body and soul), imagine and relax, giving them the required balance!

Being prepared for the future does not mean that we push our children every second of every day into completing their homework, going to football practice, or taking piano lessons. Research has shown that overscheduling can lead to quicker burnout in the child, increased stress levels and anxiety, in turn taking away from their true potential. However, through this unique program, the negative effects can be prevented and still lead the child to academic and future success!

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Watch a 12-year-old Dolphin kid
speak about racism.

Institutional Racism in Canada and America against ethnic minorities can be seen in the news, movies, documentaries, history, videos, commercials and explained in public talks by kids. Watch 12-year-old, Joesh Khunkhun, address issues of racism and youth in this Public Salon video.

Our Canada Center

The work done through the concept of POD (Play-Other-Downtime) helps our little leaders acquire what is now considered crucial for success - Consciousness Quotient. Promoting POD in their daily lives enables them to be better prepared and future-fit!


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7 Ways to Engage Your Child in Everyday Play

Aug 25, 2018

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Meditation for Kids

Aug 14, 2018

The need for meditative practice and/or mindfulness for children was an unheard-of concept until a few years back. The sudden influx in academic pressure with a need to balance...

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Communication Skills Activities

Aug 10, 2018

We live in a world where digital media is moving at an unfathomable pace. It is slowly impacting the way we express ourselves, interact with others and manage our relationships...

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Becoming a Successful Parent through Future Fit Learning

Mar 31, 2018

Contemporary parenting is hard! Bombarded with expert advices & societal expectations, we have an ‘information overload’ because of an increased access to understanding how others parent...

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From the Centre Head’s Desk

We are living in exponential times. The world is moving at a very fast pace. The developments that have taken place in the last decade are phenomenal.

In such a scenario it becomes imperative that we raise our kids to be future fit. To make that possible we need to build a strong foundation during the early years, as these years are witness to rapid growth and development in our children. Thus, there is a strong need to conceptualize the ideas, imaginations, and concepts rather than merely gaining knowledge and understanding. Dolphin Under 5 is a curated program that provides children social-emotional-cognitive (SEC) learning and cultivates five essential 21st- Century skills – Critical Thinking, Creativity, Communication, Collaboration, and Contribution together called the Consciousness Quotient (CQ).

We at Dolphin POD provide both a tailored curriculum and specialized learning environment that creates the essence of the teaching-learning system at our preschool and after school achievement programs. Dolphin Under 5 is much more than a preschool by the virtue of our propriety POD methodology. We believe not in pressurizing the child, but rather nurturing them by providing the necessary freedom along with ample encouragement to help the child meet her/his full potential. With the excellent work conducted by our facilitators, the child is instilled with a sense of self-exploration and expression.

‘I Never Lose, I Win, or I Learn’ is the principle on which Dolphin POD operates. We are confident that with us your child will become smarter, stronger, happier and better equipped to operate in the constantly evolving, ambitious and cohesive society.

Best Regards,
Sarika Mehra - Centre Head

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