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We are living in a time where things are constantly changing and evolving at a rapid pace. “Social networks have raised the bar for human interactions: Authenticity, vulnerability, humility, empathy, familiarity with cutting edge research, first-hand experience, and the ability to ‘walk one with’ are all now prerequisites for modern day leaders and educators.”

In such a scenario it becomes very important that we raise children that are future fit and provide them with a platform that focuses on the child’s holistic development, rather than academics alone. We at Dolphin Pod believe that children should be provided with tools to cope from a very early age, so that they grow up to be responsible and smart citizens who make informed decisions. Our aim is to provide social-emotional and cognitive skills beginning right in the early years and progressing appropriately with different age groups.

At Dolphin Pod we create an environment and space for children to interact and learn in a way that instil the essential 21st Century skills. We are an organisation that focuses on academics, but at the same time emphasize on aspects such as Emotional wellness, Adaptability, Social Leadership, innovation, Ethics and Resilience. Because we believe that by focusing on these areas, we are equipping our children to face challenges head on, without wanting to give up and feeling helpless. Through these endeavours, we aim to accomplish the small gaps in our current education system.

Dr. Shimi Kang, an award-winning Harvard-trained doctor, researcher, media expert, keynote speaker, and author, who has helped countless children, adolescents, and adults move toward positive behaviours, better health, and wellbeing. She is the founder of the POD methodology and Dolphin Kids, Canada.

After realising the gaps in our educational system, we together decided that it was important to bring the POD methodology to India, so that children can benefit from this programme, which is not only engaging but at the same time works on their overall personality, and provides them with a skill set which is required to cope with the challenges that they will be facing as adults. All our programmes at Dolphin POD are customised by our inhouse psychologists, who receive special training. After years of research, I was able to bring this exceptional curriculum to India. Our curriculum equips the future generation with appropriate skills, that will help them become independent, self-sufficient and mentally healthy individuals. We cater not only to knowledge provision, but also provide information and techniques that are required to thrive in today’s fast paced world.

I am someone who gives a lot of importance to mental health, because having being able to cope with a disability myself, I realised how important it is to be mentally healthy. That’s one of the reasons that the curriculum taught at our centre, is curated by psychologists who have experience working with children, so that if there are any developmental delays or any milestones that are not met by the children, it can be conveyed to the parents immediately. We are one of the first centre across India, which talks about mental health at such an early age. That is why our focus on downtime is one of the most vital part of our curriculum, as it talks about coping strategies that children can use when they’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed If you’re looking for effective but practical strategies to calm the chaos in your children’s life, foster their internal motivation, and truly prepare them to function successfully in the adult world, then dolphin Pod is the place for your child.

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Shobana Mahansaria (Director)

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