Frequently Asked Questions

Dolphin PODTM is a scientifically backed, non-academic learning experience specifically designed to develop key 21st century skills. The centre utilizes experiential learning methods to enhance the child's overall brain development. We incorporate the latest techniques and tools neuroscience has to offer. This program is designed for children starting at age of 1.5 years to young adults. Dolphin POD™ is a well-equipped learning environment for your kids to build in their CQ (Consciousness Quotient skills). The 5Cs of CQ include: Creativity, Communication, Critical Thinking, Collaboration and Contribution.

The basic objective of the program is to teach the traits that make success E.A.S.I.E.R.

  • Emotional Wellness
  • Adaptability
  • Social Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Ethics
  • Resiliency

  • Our curriculum is founded on these themes that lead to the 21st Century skills of CQ and make the children happy, healthy and self-motivated. Like dolphins in nature, the leaders at Dolphin POD™ will become more adaptable and better equipped to navigate the ever-changing waters of our fast-paced, ultra-competitive and diverse world. Our program is designed to develop a child's future- ready skills of innovation, leadership and wellness.

    Dolphin POD™ does not replace school, rather compliments it by providing a new dimension of learning that goes beyond the prescribed curriculum. Although Dolphin POD™ does not provide specific academic instruction in reading, writing and math skills, our program enhances a child’s academic performance by giving them the skills they need to deal with academic expectations and pressures.

    We are unique from the school system in the following ways:

    Our lessons are exclusively created along the themes of Emotional Management, Adaptability, Social Leadership, Innovation, Ethics and Resilience. (E.A.S.I.E.R)

    Our subjects are Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, Contribution and Critical thinking.

    We learn through the POD environment.

    Our "coaches" consist of one child education specialist and one child development specialist working together. They are specially trained to create balance – internal, biological and emotional states with external social and environmental conditions – as it facilitates learning. Our program includes parents as key partners and provides parent education, coaching and skill development. The Dolphin POD™ program is a far more personalized experience; our coaches-student ratio is never more than 1:5. Although many schools are mandating 21st century skills, their primary focus remains academics. However, at Dolphin POD™ we enhance the learning process by providing a balanced mix of specialized professionals, training and a curriculum focused program, targeting precisely on proper CQ development.

    All of these systems began more than 50 years ago, prior to our current information and technological era, which have dramatically changed the skills children need to thrive in their modern world. Although sound in philosophy, they are not specific for CQ and do not involve parents to the same degree Dolphin POD™ does.

    The Dolphin PODTM's foundation is based on solid neuroscience, child development and behavioral research. Not only is every lesson based on science, but the environment of Dolphin POD™- which includes incorporating natural sunlight and children friendly materials, providing healthy snacks and the tone of our voices and body language used - are all grounded and supported by the latest scientific research. In addition, exquisite detail and attention has been paid to translating this research into practical experiences that are conducive to a child's learning and a family's everyday life. The Dolphin POD™ theory is based on the number one best-selling book The Dolphin Parent which won the US News 2015 International Book Award in the category of parenting and family. The Dolphin Parent has been recognized for its solid scientific research base, including a star review by the professional American Journal of Libraries, an in-depth feature by investigative journalists from Der Spiegel (Germany) and endorsement and translation by academic institutions such as Fudan University (China). This global critical acclaim from notable organizations speaks to the book's strong scientific research, practical application, and ability to transcend cultural stereotypes and limitations.

    The world has changed. In the future anything that can be automated, will be. Future success will depend on 21st-century intelligence of CQ, made up of five key skills - Communication, Critical thinking, Collaboration, Contribution and Creativity.

    We provide a neuroscience-based achievement centre curriculum expertly designed by a team of education, mental health and child development specialists. The Dolphin POD™ method consists of 3 unique experiences:

    P = Play and exploration: coach-facilitated play through uniquely curated stations of hands-on games, puzzles, gadgets, technology, art, drama, music and body movement.

    O = Others (social connection): communication and collaborative leadership training through breakout sessions, teamwork exercises, role-play and public speaking.

    D = Downtime (stress management and wellness): attention/ focus training, mindfulness and cultivation of positive mental habits such as grit, gratitude and optimism.

    Just like repetition of strength training builds our physical body, repetition of achievement centre training builds our mind. Dolphin POD

    You will receive an in-depth assessment of where your child falls in the six categories of E.A.S.I.E.R. as well as in the key 21st-century intelligence of CQ. There will be clear indications of your child’s strengths along with areas needing improvement. You can expect a lot of information on your child's interests, talents and passions!

    Yes. Although we are not a mental health diagnostic program, our curriculum has been expertly designed in combination with education and mental health professionals with Dr. Shimi Kang, a world renowned psychiatrist. If symptoms and signs of medical / mental health issues are observed, then it will be appropriately communicated to the parents.

    Parenting style and habits are the most important factors in child development and determining a child’s future success. We encourage parents to be completely involved by reviewing our daily emails, attending our hands-on parenting classes, hot topics parents webinars, follow our blogs, newsletters and being active on our app.

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