Dolphin POD

Based in the heart of Vasant Kunj in New Delhi, Dolphin POD™ is a world-class achievement centre that provides a fun, interactive, and inspiring educational environment unlike anything children receive anywhere else. We are Asia’s first 21st century achievement centre for kids and parents, catering to both local and expat families.

By utilizing the latest neuro-scientific methods led by a team of child development and education experts, Dolphin POD™ teaches kids the tools for lifelong achievement, well-being, and success, with a focus on Innovation, Leadership and Wellness.

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Our Mission

To provide an inspiring learning environment that challenges, excites and fosters every child’s inner creativity, critical thinking skills, emotional well-being, and brain development.

Through our Dolphin POD™ programs, we promise to create a positive and safe learning experience for each child and provide a space where children are free to explore, express, create and adapt.

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Our Vision

To nurture every child’s innate ability to achieve, be self-motivated, and succeed by nurturing their Consciousness Quotient (CQ) and making learning E.A.S.I.E.R. through the Dolphin POD™ philosophy.

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Our Team

Amrita Kaur

POD Specialist

Amrita has an Honors degree in Psychology from University of Delhi and a Masters degree in Psycho-Social Clinical Studies from Ambedkar University, Delhi. She has experience working with children and young adolescents in a clinical and community setting.

As a child, Amrita always wanted to be a teacher, but growing up her dreams shifted and she desired to become a psychologist instead. However, fate led her to the perfect match here as a POD Specialist. Her love for children comes from a place of beautiful contradictions found in children’s innocence as well as naughty nature, shyness yet playfulness, intelligence but clumsy too. Amrita enjoys spending her free time with friends, family and loved ones, trying new cuisines, and making others laugh!

Rashmi Tandon

Preschool Teacher

Rashmi has over 10 years of work experience with Ardee School and has served them as Head Coordinator. Overall, however, Rashmi has 12 years of work experience combined. Her core job responsibilities have been supervising a team of over 15 teachers and staff members, lead staff recruitment, head the orientation sessions, counsel parents and teachers and supervise school data base for coordination activities. She has also had direct interactions with parents and implements the school PR activities and regular events. Creative lesson plans and boundless energy are what Rashmi deems as her hallmarks!

Additionally, she undertook the training course for Montessori teachers for an entire year. She is determined to bring with her many years of experience and edge that will benefit everyone here at Dolphin POD.

Anuradha Deshpande

POD Specialist

Anuradha is a child psychologist, holding an Honours degree in Psychology from the University of Delhi and has completed Masters in Applied Psychology from Amity University. She has experience working with adolescents and adults in a variety of clinical, educational, and community settings.

Anuradha Deshpande is an energetic, engaging and a full-filled personality who focuses on providing a warm and secure relationship with people around her. She is dedicated to being a stable base from which individual’s in their lives, find meaning and direction, and be their most effective. She is interacting with her are empowered to apply their strengths to the challenges strengths through one-on-one interactions and providing practical strategies to particularly interested in exploring children’s unique learning profiles and collaboratively with parents, teachers and other professionals to help children enhance learning engagement and outcomes. she appreciates the value of working reach their potential. When working with kids, she enjoys creating a safe perceptions of the world around them. environment for young people to explore their thoughts, emotions and She is an avid traveller, a seeker of the melting pot of fresh experiences and perspectives life has to offer!

Isheta Bajaj

POD Specialist

Isheta is a child psychologist, holding an Honours degree in Psychology from the University of Delhi and has completed master’s in applied psychology from Amity University. She has experience working with adolescents and adults in a variety of clinical, educational, and community settings.

Isheta can be best described as a self-motivated, hardworking individual. With an artistic bent of mind, she knows how to appropriately channelize her skills in developing fun ways of learning. She has worked in the field of Cognitive Training with children under various age groups wherein various scientific techniques were interactions with them and adults, alike! She utilises her perspective taking deployed. Her immense love for children shines through her softness in her abilities in her child and parental interface. On any given Sunday, you can find her curled up with a good book and a cup of coffee!

Shabnam Khan

Junior Admin

A Delhi University graduate with a passion to soar high worked in aviation industry and gained ample experience to contribute to PRR School in administrative matters. She can stretch her self beyond her job description. She takes her work diligently and it shows in execution as she has effectively and efficiently streamlined operational tasks such as hygiene, cleanliness, maintenance, pantry services, inventory and a lot more. With her amicable personality she has built rapport with staff members from housekeepers to security personnel to drivers.

Neha Chutani


Neha holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree from M.D University and Symbiosis Pune respectively. She carries 4 years of experience as an Admin Executive. Her background includes event coordination, operations, admissions, facilities and has hands down experience in dealing with parents, their queries, issues, etc. and ensuring excellence in everything. She manages and keeps things running smoothly everyday making sure people are where they should be.

She believes a learning environment like Dolphin POD would give her a new and unique opportunity to utilize her expertise and further develop her knowledge and most importantly fulfil a child’s curiosity, allowing them to explore, to grow with confidence and lastly to have fun, as Dolphin POD is just more than a preschool.