Dolphin PODTM is a world class-learning centre that provides a fun, interactive and inspiring education unlike anything children receive anywhere else. By utilizing the latest neuro scientific methods for Innovation, Social Leadership and Wellness, Dolphin PODTM teaches the key 21st century skills of
Consciousness Quotient (CQ) - Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking and Contribution.

These skills are the building blocks for a happy, strong, healthy and meaningful life. Through real world experiential learning, Dolphin PODTM develops a child's Emotional Wellness, Adaptability, Social Skills, Innovation, Ethics and Resiliency. Through our research based methods, children will become smarter, healthier, happier and better equipped to operate in the constantly evolving, ambitious and cohesive society.

Dolphin POD Life Skills for Children
Dolphin POD Mission

Our Mission

We promise to provide an inspiring learning community that will stretch, challenge and excite a child's thinking and learning skills. This commitment is founded upon our strong philosophy of guiding children to cultivate their inner motivation and genuine enthusiasm for making positive contributions to their own life as well as the lives of others. Through our POD environments, we promise to create a positive and safe learning experience for each child and create a space where children can explore, create and adapt.

The 21st Century is the "Conceptual Era"

Dolphin POD Vision

Our Vision

To nurture every child's Consciousness Quotient and enhance their ability to connect socially, think critically, express creatively and contribute purposefully.

Dr. Shimi Kang's Philosophy

Dr. Shimi Kang's Philosophy

Founded and created by Dr. Shimi Kang—award-winning, Harvard-trained psychiatrist, neuroscience researcher, keynote speaker and author of
#1 National Bestselling book ‘The Dolphin Parent’.

Whether as a parent, teacher, or coach, research clearly shows the pushing/micromanaging authoritarian “tigers”, and directionless permissive “jellyfish” both hinder internal motivation and adaptability. The authoritative and collaborative style of the “dolphin” leads to better self motivation, adaptability, mental health, relationships, and academic performance in children.

Our programs provide social, emotional and cognitive learning for children, parents, and educators. Like dolphins in nature, “Dolphin Kids” become more adaptable and better equipped to navigate the ever-changing waters of our
fast-paced, ultracompetitive, globally diverse, and socially connected modern world.