To help you achieve your highest potential in our ever-changing world.

Our Goal

Ensuring a “future-ready mind” for our fast-paced, technologically driven, modern world.
In a world that is ever-changing, increasingly connected, and highly stressful, the three future-ready skills are:
INNOVATION – The ability to generate fresh & original ideas.
COLLABORATION – Being able to learn, work and inspire others from diverse perspectives.
RESILIENCE – Overcoming obstacles, learning from mistakes, and bouncing back with renewed strength.
By developing these three skills; we hope to help reverse the rising trends of anxiety, loneliness, and perfectionism.

Who We Are

Dolphin POD is the place to develop innovation, collaboration and resilience!

We are Asia’s first 21st century achievement program for kids, parents, schools and educators. By utilizing the latest neuro-scientific methods led by a team of child development and education experts, our Future Ready Minds program teaches kids the tools for lifelong achievement, well- being, and success, with a focus on Innovation, Leadership and Wellness.

We provide unique science-based programs and counseling delivered directly to people of all ages. These latest, “kitchen-tested” social-emotional-cognitive methods combine components of mindfulness, stress management, attention & innovation training, social skills development,
and more.

Our Methodology

The methodology used to achieve our goal is one of a kind and based on the neuroscience of how we learn best. Created by Dr. Shimi Kang, leading-edge psychiatrist, neuroscience expert and innovator, the P.O.D (Play. Others. Downtime) Methodology engages the three different layers of human intelligence, making learning deep, fun, and long-lasting.

How do we achieve our goals?

Your Three Brains

Three Future-ready Skills

The P.O.D. Learning activities are designed to optimize your brain through innovation, collaboration and resilience.

Optimize your head-brain with PLAY AND EXPLORATION – this leads to Innovation! Creativity is the #1 skill identified for leadership in an increasingly complex world. Dolphin POD programs develop a “play-mindset” of being curious, asking questions, challenging conventional thinking, and creating new ideas.

Optimize your heart-brain with OTHERS! Social connection and the ability to build positive relationships with others is an imperative skill for health, happiness, success, and self-motivation. Dolphin POD programs develop connection, communication, and collaborative leadership skills.

Optimize your gut brain with DOWNTIME! Self-care leads to resilience & motivation. To thrive in our competitive, fast-paced, ever-changing, and stressful world, we must master coping strategies, stress management, and peak performance techniques as soon as possible. Dolphin POD programs incorporate mindfulness activities, attention training, and the cultivation of positive mental habits such as optimism, gratitude and grit.

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