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Dolphin POD is a scientifically backed, experiential learning program designed by child education and mental health experts to help children and youth develop the three key future- ready skills of innovation, collaboration and resilience. The program incorporates the latest techniques and tools neuroscience has to offer in its curriculum, utilizing methods that enhance the child’s overall brain development. Our after- school and summer programs for kids are specifically designed for children starting from toddlers at age of 3 years to young adults in their high school and college years.

The Dolphin POD foundation is based on solid neuroscience, child development and behavioral research. Exquisite detail and attention have been paid to translating the latest research into practical learning experiences for kids that are conducive to a child’s learning, brain development and applicable to a family’s everyday life. Every lesson has been successfully tested in the class environment– which incorporates child-friendly materials, time in nature, positive
body language and speech tones – all of which is grounded and supported by the latest scientific research.

We are unique from the school system in the following ways:
Our lessons are exclusively created along the themes of Emotional Management, Adaptability, Social Leadership, Innovation, Ethics and Resilience (E.A.S.I.E.R).
We learn through the POD environment.
Our “coaches” consist of one child education specialist and one child development specialist working together. They are specially trained to create balance – internal, biological and emotional states with external social and environmental conditions – as it facilitates learning. Our program includes parents as key partners and provides parent education, coaching and skill development. The Dolphin POD program is a far more personalized experience; our coaches- student ratio is never more than 1:10. Although many schools are mandating 21st century skills, their primary focus remains academics. Through our programs we enhance the learning process by providing a balanced mix of specialized professionals, training and a curriculum focused program, targeting precisely on proper CQ development.

By developing the three skills of Innovation, Collaboration and Resilience; we hope to help reverse the rising trends of Perfectionism, Loneliness, and Anxiety.
The world has changed. Future success will depend on the 21st-century intelligence of CQ, made up of five key skills: Communication, Critical thinking, Collaboration, Contribution and Creativity.

– Proven science based tools 
– Personalize learning – instructor: student ratio ( 6:1) 
– Fun, interactive & safe environment 
– Connection to a like-minded community of youth, parents and educators Opportunities to become student leaders through our volunteer/employment program.
Future-ready Minds™ Innovation, Collaboration and Resilience programs instill the 6 life skills that make success and learning E.A.S.I.E.R.
-Social Leadership

Our Future-ready Minds™ summer program offers a wide variety of activities that will encourage each child to enhance their creativity, critical thinking, communication, collaboration and consciousness skills. The camps follow our POD structure (play, others and downtime).
The children will get to experience a wide variety of activities such as:
-Innovation and collaboration challenges
-Science experiments
-Public speaking
-Art activities (painting, drawing) Building and construction activities
-Breathing, Gratitude and meditation training
-Outdoor and Indoor play

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