We've Got What It Takes to Make
Your Child Future-Fit

What do we mean by Future-Fit?

A Future-Fit child has the 21st century achievement centre of communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and contribution. We are a world class achievement centre with customised programs that help children develop a positive mindset, love for academics and helps them reach their highest potential. We develop future-fit leaders of all ages and inspire them by our interactive and stimulating curriculum.

let’s work together to raise a generation of future-Fit children

Future-Fit Academics

3 - 5 years | 90 mins session Choose from Mon - Fri | 1pm - 5pm

3-5 years is the right age for your child to begin gaining concepts of Math, Science, English, Reading and Writing. But most children lose interest because it’s not coached...

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Future-Fit POD

6-8 years | 9-11 years | 90 mins session Mon - Fri | 2pm - 6pm

This learning program is based on neuro-scientific tools that help children be innovative & resilient. These sessions are based on “Social, Emotional & Cognitive” (SEC) learning, which is well...

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Future-Fit Teens

12 - 16 years | 90 mins session |
Mon - Sat

We all remember our teenage years as being full of confusion and questions. We wanted someone to listen to our thoughts and ideas, guide and coach us. Dolphin POD understands this...

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