Pledge to consume a healthier "tech diet"

Just like the foods we consume impact our bodies; the technology we consume impacts our minds. #TechDietChallenge motivates and empowers children, youth, and adults to establish a healthy "tech diet" at home, at school, and at work.

Anyone! Any student, parent, teacher, and individual can take the challenge on their own. 

Any group, family, classroom, school, organization, or workplace can take the challenge together. 
Taking the challenge simply means:
You will try to improve your “tech diet”
let others know!

This way, you will be more accountable to your goal and inspire others to set their own. 
You can sign up any time before or after that HERE

By joining, you will receive a weekly "tech diet" tip for you or your group. This will include the latest science on technology use, tips to improve your "tech diet," and motivational strategies such as the stages of change.
Knowledge is power and momentum creates change.

By understanding the science behind technology's impact and coming together as a healthy tech community, we can guide children, teens, and ourselves away from distracting, negative, and addicting technology towards a "tech diet" that leads to mastery, achievement and freedom.

Plus you will receive a chance to WIN

Win a ₹ 5000. Amazon gift card!

Stand to win!
  • Classroom Healthy Tech Diet posters
  • Online Webinars with Dr. Shimi Kang
  • ₹ 2500. Amazon gift card!

Stand to win
  • Classroom Healthy Tech Diet posters
  • Online Webinars with Dr. Shimi Kang
  • ₹ 2500. Amazon gift card!

Win free workshops on the Healthy Tech Diet program for your school!

Win a free mindfulness & wellness workshop for your entire team and learn about ways to promote a healthy "tech diet" at work!
*You're entered into the #TechDietChallenge contest when you register with your email below. The more photos and videos you tag us in, the better your chances are to win! First round of winner's will be drawn at random on May 1st, 2019. 

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