POD stands for Play, Others and Downtime; and are the fundamental building blocks of our Dolphin philosophy. We teach the children about the importance of POD and how these simple, but not always easy coping strategies can enhance our innovation, leadership and wellness skills.
We at Dolphin PODTM are equipped with a team of dynamic professionals who consist of highly qualified psychologists and early childhood educationists. Dolphin PODTM team ensures the development of a child’s growing years with deeper understanding of his/her own capabilities with the implementation of the Dolphin PODTM curriculum.

  • Play means trying new things, not being afraid of mistakes, and learning through exploring and trial and error– that leads to creativity, critical thinking, and innovation or being smart.
  • Others means connecting with each other, working together, making friends, and contributing. That leads to communication, collaboration, and leadership or being strong.
  • Downtime means creating our brains, letting them recharge and energize through mindfulness, gratitude, and breathing. That leads to resiliency, wellness, and happiness.


Dolphin PODTM Innovation, Leadership and Wellness Programs

2.5 years to 4 years | 4 years to 5 years | 6 years to 8 years |
9 years to 12 years

Play, Others and Downtime make a 90 minute
Dolphin PODTM session.

Future-ready leaders of all ages will be inspired in our spectacular learning area - Others room where they will be developing the 5 CQs through our theme based lessons. They will then develop diverse leadership skills in a fun, interactive and play - oriented environment in the Play room. The session will end in our Downtime rooms which have a 3 dimensional ambience which relax the children and give them mental breaks which increase productivity, replenish attention, solidify memories and encourage creativity.

A few years ago, I read Dr. Kang’s ‘The Dolphin Way’ and felt what she was saying about parenting and children, in today’s day and age, really resonated. When I discovered Dolphin KIDS summer camps, I knew my 5-year-old daughter would benefit from participating. I was so impressed with not only the talented and kind staff, but also with the concepts that are emphasized as part of the program – resiliency, contribution, downtime, among many others. One day she was learning how to manage her emotions with ‘box breathing’, the next day she was engaged in play activities exerting her creativity and on another, she was making sandwiches to be delivered to those less fortunate. We still talk about the activities and things she learned at camp and that says something. These camps are a wonderful place for parents and their children to begin to dialogue about the things that really count that are so essential to cultivating balanced, strong and compassionate children.”

The Dolphin PODs programs were fantastic experiences for our family. My child came away with a new-found sense of community and social responsibility and now speaks openly about the need to be a role model to others. Dolphin picked up and reinforced our family's commitment to attachment villages, connection of the individual to the whole and mindful choices and reflection through play and nature. I especially appreciated how the highly skilled and empathic staff "collected" both children and their families, bringing them into the group environment, and how they really seemed to get to know us and build and guide our strengths. The neuroscience and evidence-based programming also appeal to creative inquiry and exploration and I loved the weekly ritual of the parent greeting, bonding and community contribution. The lemonade was good too! Overall, this Dolphins experience brought our family to an entirely new level of capacity and empowerment, which was a welcome and pleasant surprise.”

- Andrea Coutu