POD Programs

Building the future-fit leaders of tomorrow!

POD stands for Play, Others and Downtime; and are the fundamental building blocks of the Dolphin Way philosophy founded by Harvard-trained psychiatrist and international bestselling author, Dr. Shimi Kang.

Our Dolphin POD achievement centre is an innovative and interactive 12,000 sq. ft learning centre based in New Delhi for parents and kids, equipped with a team of dynamic professionals consisting of highly-qualified psychologists and early childhood educationists.

We teach kids and parents the importance of POD, and how these simple - but not always easy - coping strategies can enhance their innovation, leadership, and wellness.

Our team and Dolphin POD™ curriculum ensures your kids learn the key 21st century skills that ensure longterm success, achievement, health, happiness, and self-motivation, while instilling confidence in his/her own capabilities!


Dolphin POD™ Innovation, Leadership and Wellness Program

2.5 to 4 years | 4 to 5 years | 6 to 8 years | 9 to 12 years

Where: Dolphin POD achievement centre, Pocket 8, Sector C, Gate NO. 14, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi 110070

Join us at our 90-minute Play, Others, and Downtime (POD) sessions in the heart of New Delhi, where future-ready leaders of all ages are inspired by our interactive and stimulating Dolphin POD™ learning rooms

The Play Room - An area where the kids get to freely explore, express, and develop diverse leadership skills in a fun, interactive, play-oriented environment!

The Others Room - Every POD session begins here, where we develop the 5 CQs (Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Community, Contribution) through mentally stimulating theme-based lessons. Learn more about the 5 CQs here

The Downtime Room - Each session ends in our Downtime Rooms, designed with a 3D ambience which relaxes the children, giving them the mental break necessary to increase their productivity, replenish attention span, strengthen memory and brain power, and encourage creativity.