Summer / Winter Camp

Watch this space for Winter 2018 program

Summer POD 2018

Growing mindset skill building program inculcating the necessary 21st Century skills in order for your children to succeed!

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Reach for the Stars

Kids will indulge in various imaginative hands-on activities and art projects which will help them realise their dreams and aspirations by working on their weaknesses and enhancing their strengths. This theme will also work towards generating a sense of oneness among the kids. Activities include spot the difference, puzzle of oneness etc.

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Friends with Nature

This theme will enable kids to understand what sustainable living is all about and inculcate a sense of responsibility that they hold towards mother nature as future citizens of the world. Activities include trash to cash, planting saplings, understanding waste, paper mache etc.

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TEDx Talk

Children will be engaging in activities which will equip them with better communication skills, enhance their public speaking skills, improve their diction and expand their vocabulary in order to help them ace their presentation skills! While the younger one’s will be found playing games like kids on stage and picture story; the older ones will get to try their hand at charades and scribble head etc. Which gets them ready, to get out there!

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The children will experiment, create and learn from science, art and technology-based activities like puppet therapy, water explosion, architecture building, etc. that will encourage them to ask questions and inculcate critical thinking.

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Entrepreneur Mindset

This summer, inspire your little leader to be the next entrepreneur with an experiential learning to be solution oriented, goal focused and learn value for money. Give your child’s creative dreams self- motivated wings to fly with activities like group knots, snowball fights, zombie escape, budget list, etc.

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Achievement Mindset

Have your child reach their potential by being adaptable and resilient to combat life’s challenges with activities to enhance problem solving and collaborative skills. This theme will include activities like dare jenga, wool webs, Frostbite, etc.


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